Defining Wellness

Have you given any thought to what wellness means to you?

In the last few weeks all my healthy habits disappeared out of the back door. Bad habits burst into the front door, and there is no excuse for the bad eating / no exercising habits that formed.


This morning I listened to a podcast, hosted by the well-known Oprah, and the conversation was about wellness.


It got me thinking about my habits and routines that I have formed, deliberately and by accident. To fix the bad habits, I need to identify which habits are bad for me, and I can only do that if I understand what is important to me. It is not just about exercising and eating healthy – it is about mental, physical and spiritual wellness.


The first step is to understand your own definition of wellness. Two underlying fundamentals for me, are time and health. If you don’t take the time to take care of your health, you will have to make time to take care of your illness.


I learned this the hard way from having an autoimmune disease. In 2019 I give three months of my life to my autoimmune disease. It flared up, and it floored me. I slept for three months as part of my rest-and-recovery process. It was three months that I have not been able to follow my dreams, play with my child, develop my hobbies or spend time with friends.


So what is wellness? For me, it is about taking care of my health so I have time and energy to follow my passion, fulfill the purpose of my life and be present for the beautiful moments in every day.


I want to pose this to you: WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF WELLNESS?


And have you crafted your habits, routines and actions to enable wellness? Take a few minutes today to really think about it.