Welcome To Healthy Hashi Hacks!

Helping you to heal!

Hello!  My name is Adele du Rand, and I started Healthy Hashi Hacks to help you reclaim your life from the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  You can get your life and health back, by making small changes that will set you up for a happy and fulfilling life.  

When I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2003, I thought myhealth issues would be under control.  Over the next couple of years I experienced debilitating symptoms, including fatique, hairloss, gaining weight, feeling cold quickly and insomnia, to name a few.  In 2015, after another period of feeling exhaustion, brainfog, inability to focus and not feeling well, a doctor tested for thyroid antibodies.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

My healing journey was not easy.  It was a long process to find out what triggered a flare-up, and what the lifestyle changes are that I can make to get healthy again.  I was overwhelmed by information available on the internet, confused on what exactly was the next step I should be doing, and desperate to find a way forward.  Finally having a diagnoses is great, but having a roadmap of what you need to do is a relief!

One of the best things was seeing a functional doctor, who helped to optimise my thyroid function.  She also recommended lifestyle changes.  I started to experiment on myself – from cutting out gluten and dairy, taking LDN, to juicing, and even making changes to my skincare products!  Some of the changes were easy to make, and some changes are still challenge!

I now help others who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  I share information on the blog about thyroid healthy and autoimmunity, as well as offer a coaching program, Thyroid Boost.  In this coaching program you will receive an action plan to help with the changes you can make, understanding autoimmunity and providing you with information so you can have an informed discussion about your health with your doctor.  

You can have your life back.  You can reclaim your energy.  You can put Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis into remission.