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Private Coaching

Support, motivation and accountability.  This is what you will get in a private coaching session.  Giving you information, motivation and a strategy to help you achieve not just your health goals, but ultimately, your life goals!   


Private coaching is for you if you want a clear plan and what exactly you need to do and if you want to learn more about how you can reclaim your health and energy from someone who knows exactly what you are going through.  And if you want, someone to keep you accountable and helping you to make the changes stick. 

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Thyroid Boost – 6 Week Program

With so many changes to do, how do you know where to start and in which order should you take action?  What are the easy things to do quickly?  How can you be set up for success?


The Thyroid Boost Program is a personalised action plan based on my 9 Pillars of Thyroid Health.  I developed this program based on proven scientific research, personal experience and evidence from other people who have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

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